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Welcome to Ghana Christian University College, where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated as we work to create positive change for a better world.


I am honoured to be the acting president of Ghana Christian University College. I have been entrusted with continuing the advancing of academic excellence in transformational leadership of this university college and enriching the quality of student life. I have gained a deep respect for the traditions here because I have been a part of it since 1989. I have also enjoyed the unmatched, green beauty of this campus.


As I begin my tenure as the acting president, I am blending my personal philosophy to remain “student-centred, faculty and staff-focused, community-minded and doing educational business” with an already proven formula for institutional excellence. I believe that this will only further the important contributions made by our university college.


Our curriculum covers development management to cutting-edge nursing program, to theology to professional programmes to ICT. We run Corporate Training Programmes for corporate bodies, churches and not-for-profit organizations. We will add green engineering to business administration to health information management to sustainability.


The decorated and committed faculty along with our dedicated staff have helped the university college achieve lofty academic accomplishments.


Whether you are looking for information about admissions requirements, financial aid guidelines, details about the curriculum, want to make a gift to the university college, or just want to get acquainted with Ghana Christian University College, you’ll be able to find what you need on our website.


While you browse through the pages of, you’ll also see our commitment to provide an outstanding and affordable education. The cornerstone of Ghana Christian University College education is our LBD (learn-by-doing) and DILS (do-it-lets-see) philosophy that joins theory with practice, and prepares our students for the working world. Consequently, our graduates are highly regarded and much sought after in business, industry, churches and other professional fields. We have renowned alumni who are making a difference in their communities.


Ghana Christian University remains committed to providing students with the highest-quality education possible and serving as a vital resource to the West African Region and beyond. Enjoy getting to know our great university college. Thank you for visiting Ghana Christian University College’s Website.


Nelson Swedstrup Ahlijah, President (Ag)

Ghana Christian University College

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