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Student Resident

The Agreement

I acknowledge my agreement to the offer of a SHARED bedroom, unless otherwise stated in the e-document (“the Accommodation”) on the basis of the following e-documents, which I acknowledge I have received, reviewed and that I agree to and fully understand the content of:

  1. This front page to the Agreement;
  1. The Accommodation Agreement and Student Accommodation Regulations (the “Regulations”);
  1. The Schedule of Fees 2017-2018 (“The Schedule”);
  1. The Terms and Conditions for the Use of Student Accommodation (“The Accommodation Agreement”); and
  1. The arrival card (another copy of which will be provided for signature when picking up the keys to the Accommodation) (“the Resident Arrival Card”)
  1. The e-document offer to which this agreement is annexed.

I understand and agree that the above documents numbered 1-6 are to be read together and together set out the terms and conditions upon which I am to occupy the Accommodation and when I sign the Residential Arrival Card will become a binding contract between myself and Ghana Christian University College (“the Contract”).


For GhanaCU Operated Halls Residents

The Contract is made between Ghana Christian University College (referred to also as the “university” or “we” in this Agreement) and myself being the name on the e-document offer.


Names, contact details, dates of birth and any medical information provided by the student will be passed to the Registry for administration purposes.


I appreciate that in the Accommodation Agreement I am referred to as the Student;


I understand and agree that the Contract I am entering into contains amongst other obligations provisions that:-

  1. The Contract is for a full University academic year including the vacation period where applicable. Students who are permitted to take up residence mid-term commit themselves to the Accommodation until the end of the academic year.
  1. I must pay the amounts including the Licence Fee and the Deposit as stated in the Schedule at the times and by the method stipulated in clause 4 of the Student Accommodation Regulations.
  1. A deposit is payable which is refundable when I leave the Accommodation less such sums which may be due to the University in accordance with the Student Accommodation Regulations, but the deposit may be forfeited in line with clause 3.3 of the Student Accommodation Regulations if I vacate the Room early without the University’s consent.
  1. Failure to pay fees is a breach of the Contract which may result in the termination of the Contract, the College seeking possession of the Accommodation, my deposit being forfeited, as set out in clauses 4 and 10 of the Student Accommodation Regulations and legal proceedings may be invoked against me in order to recover any outstanding monies owed to the University.
  1. The University may end the Contract on 7 days’ written notice if the student commits a serious, significant or persistent breach of the Contract and/or in particular but not limited to breaching the terms of the Accommodation Agreement in accordance with clause 10 of the Student Accommodation Regulations.
  1. The University will allocate me an appropriate room, as specified on the Resident Arrival Card, and the University may move me to another room or hall on five days’ written notice or without notice in the case of an emergency.
  1. The University is entitled to terminate the agreement upon withdrawal from or termination of their programme of study as outlined in Clause 3. Period of Residence.
  1. “The Student Accommodation Regulations”, “The Schedule” and “The Accommodation Agreement” shall have the same meaning as set out above.

The University hereby grants the Student the right to occupy as licensee and the Student hereby agrees to take the Accommodation for the period of residence as stated in the online offer of accommodation upon the terms and conditions set out in the Contract.


The Student shall occupy the Accommodation upon the terms of the Contract.

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