Accommodation Regulations for Student Housing

Student Accommodation Accommodation Regulations for Student Housing Accommodation Agreement Apply for Accommodation

1. Scope and Context

These regulations, made under the general regulation for student accommodation, apply to all student accommodation managed by or on behalf of the University. All students on enrolment accept an obligation to comply with all University Regulations as applicable, throughout their period of study. Students who are offered a place in accommodation owned or managed by the University are at that time made explicitly aware that the Regulations are binding upon them.



2. Definitions

Unless the context requires otherwise, definitions shall be as set out in the definition section of the Accommodation Agreement.


'Head of Department' refers to the Head of Accommodation Services or nominated person responsible for residential accommodation.


"Fees" includes all items referred to in clause 4.1 of these Regulations.



3. Period of Residence

  1. Residence shall be for the period of time detailed in the e-document and Accommodation Agreement, and the schedule of fees as outlined in the e-document subject to earlier determination in accordance with these Regulations.
  2. Students shall not be entitled to move into other University accommodation, including room changes, during the course of the Accommodation Agreement without the consent of Accommodation Services and without completing a new Accommodation Agreement. Students with hall debts, including but not limited to the non-payment of the Fees, shall not be entitled to move into alternative Accommodation. All room changes other than those due to medical grounds, and which are supported by a doctor's certificate, shall be subject to an administration fee, payable in advance of the move.
  3. Students who for any reason vacate their University accommodation earlier than the date set out in the Accommodation Agreement without prior written consent from the University shall not qualify for refund of the Fees and the deposit will be forfeit. The student shall remain liable for payment of the Fees the duration of the Accommodation Agreement.
  4. The University shall be entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement upon withdrawal from or termination of the student’s program of study. In such cases rebates may be claimed for the remainder of the term's accommodation fee and for the deposit. Students who withdraw from the University, for whatever reason, must notify Accommodation Services immediately.
  5. Keys and door entry/fobs cards must be returned immediately upon the expiration of the Accommodation Agreement. Students who fail to comply will be treated as still in residence and charged accordingly.
  6. The Accommodation Agreement is personal to the student and no sub-letting, sharing of occupation or possession or other dealing with the Accommodation, with or without financial gain, is permitted.
  7. The University may require a student to move rooms for any reason on not less than 5 days’ written notice or immediately in the case of an emergency.



4. Fees

  1. Fees shall cover the cost of Accommodation, water rates and electricity and shall be payable in advance. Fees are payable in accordance with the fee schedule provided at the point of an offer of the Accommodation on the e-document. The setting up of a payment schedule is required prior to moving in to Halls.
  2. Students must make arrangements to pay their fees in full (on the due dates noted. Failure to make payment of the appropriate sums on the due date will result in disciplinary action being taken, as outlined in Paragraph 10.
  3. Failure to provide payment or to provide a suitable guarantee of payment will result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedures as detailed in paragraph 10.
  4. Students experiencing difficulty in the payment of Fees must notify Accommodation Services immediately. Students should also note that the date when Fees are due is not affected by non-arrival of grant or other maintenance monies.
  5. Students in arrears with Fees for a period greater than 28 calendar days from the due date shall be deemed to be in breach of the Accommodation Agreement and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10 of these Regulations, following the procedure for students who are in accommodation arrears as detailed here.
  6. Legal proceedings may be invoked against students in order to recover any outstanding monies owed to the University and/or possession of the Accommodation (if such is necessary).



5. Deposits

A deposit shall become due upon acceptance of a place in University accommodation of the amount stated in e-document and the Schedule of Fees. It is refundable at the end of the period of the Accommodation Agreement (provided the student has left the premises permanently), less such sums which may become due to the University to cover the cost of damage to the fabric or furnishings of the premises and/or communal areas, the non-return of keys or access cards/fobs, or for unpaid rent or any other monies due to the University.


The University shall use all reasonable endeavours to refund all such deposits less deductions within 28 working days after the end of the Accommodation Agreement.


The level of the deposit shall be reviewed annually.


Individuals or groups of students who are responsible for careless or wilful damage to University accommodation shall be charged for the cost of repairs or replacements. If the cost of such repairs or replacements exceeds the level of the deposit held on behalf of the student or students (as the case may be) the student or students shall be required to pay the shortfall. Students who fail to pay the shortfall within 28 calendar days of demand shall be deemed to be in breach of the Accommodation Agreement and appropriate action will result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in paragraph 10.


Amounts that may be withheld from the deposit if appropriate at the end of the term of the Accommodation Agreement are:



6. Health and Safety




7. General Conduct











8. Guests



9. Safety Policy: Duties of Students



10. Discipline

  1.  All students are subject to the University General Regulation for Student Conduct. The procedures which follow relate to the student's residence in University accommodation and are to be regarded as supplementary to the University General Regulation for Student Discipline.
  2. A student in breach of any health and safety policies as outlined in the Accommodation Agreement will face the following penalties:
    • Breach:

      Use of prohibited items e.g. candles GHc100
      Failure to evacuate the building during a fire alarm GHc50
      Propping open a fire door GHc50
      Activation of fire alarm due to negligence GHc25
      Smoking inside building GHc100
      Deliberate fire alarm activation GHc175
      Tampering with fire alarm/detectors GHc200

  3. Any breach as described above including failure to attend meetings called to discuss behavioural issues within halls will also result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in sub paragraph 10.4 onwards.
  4. A student in breach of the Accommodation Agreement normally shall be issued with a written warning by the relevant Manager (except in the case of a serious or significant breach in which case notice under clause 10.7 may be served).
  5. In the event of a further breach of the Accommodation Agreement a student shall be issued with a further final written warning from the Manager.
  6. In the event of a further breach of the Accommodation Agreement, after having received two written warnings from the Manager under sub-paragraphs 10.4 and 10.5 above, a report shall be submitted to the Head of Department who shall interview the student. After consultation with the Students' Union and the Head of Department shall be entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement by giving not less than 28 calendar days written notice.
  7. Where in the opinion of the Head of Department a Student has committed a serious or significant breach, the University may terminate the Accommodation Agreement by giving not less than 7 calendar days’ written notice to the student.
  8. Notice will have been given by the University if a notice is left in the student’s Room.
  9. In the event that the Accommodation Agreement is terminated in accordance with sub-paragraphs 10.4-7 above, the Head of Department shall submit immediately a report to the Director of Student, Academic & Learning Services and shall send copies of the report to the student's academic Head(s) of Department.
  10. A student whose Accommodation Agreement has been terminated may appeal to the Director of Executive and Governance Services against the decision. The appeal must be made in writing within 7 days upon receiving notice to terminate the Accommodation Agreement.
  11. The appeal shall be heard by a panel comprising:
    • A Pro-Warden appointed by the Warden, as chair
    • A manager of accommodation other than that from which the student has been dismissed
    • One enrolled student of the University nominated by the Students' Union
    • Any person in any way directly associated with the student involved or in the circumstances leading to the hearing shall be debarred from eligibility to serve on the appeals panel
  12. A student shall be given notice of not less than fourteen calendar days of a meeting of the appeals panel. Such notice will be sent by recorded delivery to his or her last known address as notified to the Director of Executive and Governance Services. The University can take no responsibility if a student has failed to notify it of a change of address.
  13. If a student fails to attend a meeting of the appeals panel for other than good reason acceptable to that panel, notified in advance, its proceedings shall not be invalidated thereby. A student unable to attend a meeting of the panel for good reason may seek a postponement of the meeting.
  14. If a student wishes to place documentary evidence before the panel, such evidence must be received by the Registrar of the University or his or her nominated representative at least seven days before a meeting of that panel.
  15. The University shall be represented by the Head of Department responsible for residential accommodation.
  16. The student may give evidence on his or her own behalf. However the student may exercise his or her right to remain silent.  The student may also be accompanied by a friend (who may be a representative of the Students’ Union).  At the request of the student, if the chair and other members so agree, the friend may speak on the student’s behalf.
  17. Both the student and the University representative will be sent copies of all documentary evidence to be presented to the panel not later than two days before the meeting of that panel.
  18. The appeals panel shall not be entitled to admit new evidence unless it shall have satisfied itself that this had become available since the termination of the Accommodation Agreement.
  19. The panel's findings shall be notified to the student in writing as soon as possible by recorded delivery to his or her address as notified to the Director of Executive and Governance Services under Regulation 10.8.
  20. Academic departments shall be kept informed, at all stages of the above procedure, of any matters concerning their students and shall be invited to submit a report to the meeting of the appeals panel.
  21. A student whose Accommodation Agreement has been ended by the University in line with this clause 10 shall not receive a refund of Fees, shall have forfeited their deposit and shall vacate their Accommodation on the date specified in the notice from the University, with the student:
    • Leaving it in the condition required by this Agreement;
    • Removing all possessions from the Room; and
    • Returning their keys/entry cards or fobs to the appropriate hall office;

    and if any possessions are left behind these may only be collected by appointment with Accommodation Services.

  22. A student dismissed from University accommodation shall not be permitted to return to or visit University accommodation without written permission from Accommodation Services.

  23. Following the decision of the appeals panel, the appropriate office of the central administration shall issue a completion of procedures letter enabling the student to pursue a complaint with the University Council.

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