School of Health and Development Studies

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Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to GhanaCU's School of Health and Development Studies. We have an established reputation for offering innovative degree programs in a range of business, development management and health-related disciplines and professions underpinned by GhanaCU's commitment to providing excellent teaching, outstanding learning facilities and a first-rate student learning experience.

The School of Health and Development Studies (SHeDS) is recognized as an outstanding wing of GhanaCU in terms of its education of business and health professionals. Furthermore, it is an institution with a tradition of excellence. The School's management is deeply committed and this has been translated into an action agenda, which recognises the need for constant innovation.

At Ghana Christian University College, our class sizes are smaller in all modes of teaching offers students a genuine competitive edge by allowing them to complete degrees and enter the work place more competent than is possible in most universities. The commitment of our dedicated staff to inter-professional learning and research-informed teaching provides the right environment for students to excel, both professionally and personally. The school will continue to harness all our efforts to graduate highly skilled and compassionate professionals in their chosen careers who aspire to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour. At the School, you will also benefit from industry experts who have a dedicated interest in your success.

I invite you to take a closer look at our range of excellent programs and welcome you to our learning community.

Rev. Francis Asante
School of Health and Development Studies

Departments of SHeDS

The School of Health and Development Studies (SHeDS) consists of three (3) departments each comprising a number of programs. Each Department is committed to providing an intellectual learning environment to a rich experience of academic staff and diversity of students. Departmental staff are dedicated to ensuring that students graduate with excellent skills, and with the values of social concern and caring that are the hallmark of a true development studies and health professionals.

Whether you are a prospective student, a current student in need of academic advising, or a graduate or alumnus, explore our website to find what you are looking for. To find out more about each Department, visit their respective websites by clicking on the links provided below and in the menu to the left.

  • Department of Management & Development Studies (DMDS)
  • Department of Nursing (DoN)
  • Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS)

Contact Us
Office of the Dean
School of Health and Development Studies
Ghana Christian University College
Amrahia, Off Adenta-Dodowa Road


VOICINK: health_ghanacu

Department of Allied Health Sciences

The Department of Allied Health Sciences is dedicated to meeting the health sciences challenges: those not yet conquered and those not yet known. The mission of the Department of Allied Health Sciences is to improve the health and care of individuals and communities in Ghana, West Africa and globally through world class research, learning and practice.

The Department offers programs in Public Health and Health Information Management. Research in the Department has a strongly emphasizes on multidisciplinary approaches. Students learn to make a life, make a living and make a difference.

We work closely with our cherished partners including hospitals and health services, community and charitable groups, government and industry collaborators to produce graduates who are work-ready and possess the leadership skills to improve health and well-being.

The academic programs run by the department include:

  • BA Development Studies (with specialization in Public Health)
  • BSc Public Health (to commence in 2017)
  • BSc Health information Management (to commence in 2017)
  • Diploma in Health information Management (to commence in 2017)

Department of Management & Development Studies

Message from the Head of Department
At GhanaCU Department of Management and Development Studies (DMDS) we believe passionately that business can, and should be a means for positive change, and a means for the socio-politico-economic development our country and continent so desperately needs. We strive to remain practically close to industry and this is enacted in everything we do.

Building leadership capability and management skills sits at the heart of our departments' philosophy. Our primary focus is to prepare business executives that can constructively engage with government, labor and civil society – both locally and globally. Our students are trained to cultivate the mindset of responsibly generating the growth that the country needs wherever they may find themselves working.

In future, GBD will continue to refine its business education offerings across a wide spectrum embracing degree programs, open courses and offerings tailored to individual clients and organizations to effect behaviour change through the acquisition of knowledge, skills and productive character. We design programs that equip students to take up leadership roles to successfully propel businesses forward in the context of an ever-changing global environment.

At GBD we work with several executives, managers and scholars across multiple companies and institutions. Our hardworking and friendly faculty as well as our unique learning methodologies enable us to offer students a transformative learning experience.

Head of Department (DMDS)

Overview of Department of Management & Development Studies
The Department of Management and Development Studies exists as a place where intelligent people of integrity with potential, healthy ambition and respect for best practice are willing to engage like-minded peers and colleagues. We offer academic programs as well as a wide range of executive courses, which can be custom-designed to suit specific company needs.

Degree programs offered in the faculty include:

  • BSc in Development Management with specialisations in:

    1. Accounting
    2. Human Resource management
    3. Marketing
    4. Micro-Finance
    5. NGO Management

The Department, also in collaboration with the Department Allied Health Sciences, offers BSc Development Management with an Emphasis in Public Health.

Beginning from 2017 the department will be offering business courses including:

  • BSc in Marketing
  • BSc in Human Resource Management
  • BSc in Accounting
  • BSc in Banking and Finance

The Department of Management and Development Studies is a forward-thinking faculty offering opportunities for educational, recreational, and cultural development. In the Department of business, we offer an environment in which students are challenged to extend and enhance themselves intellectually, professionally and creatively. We strive to prepare our students for the demands of the future - both locally and globally speaking.

The Diploma programs to be run with NABPTEX in 2017 include:

  • HND Accounting
  • HND Accounting with Computing
  • HND Marketing
  • HND Secretaryship and Management

Contact Us
Office of the HOD
Department of Management & Development Studies
Ghana Christian University College
Amrahia, Off Adenta-Dodowa Road

VOICINK: businessprograms_ghanacu

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