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Message from the School

Referred to as “The Seminary,” our School of Theology and Human Studies is simply a welcoming community of faculty and students coming from diverse denominational backgrounds. Our passion for rigorous and independent thinking as well as our crave for integrity are what make us outstanding.


The Seminary is a place to share your personal experiences with others, learn new things in ministry and follow relevant theological researches.


The Seminary expects everyone enrolling in our academic programs to have experienced the call of God into ministry. This call must be confirmed by a Christian leader who knows the applicant very well.



About Us

The School of Theology and Human Sciences (The Seminary) runs programs in theological studies and related course in the humanities and social sciences. Recognised as a national leader in theological education, the School’s programs are informed by high quality teaching. Our academics include outstanding staff that are national and international leaders in their fields, providing a transformational student-centered learning experience. 


We aim to transform the future ministers and theologians by developing high achieving team skills and church leadership together with genuine ministerial formation.


The School also trains ministers of religion by way of agreements with the church partners and in this way has a direct impact on these faith communities. We offers a personalised educational experience where you will enjoy small class sizes, assured placements and work experience opportunities, as well as comprehensive use of the latest information technologies in ministry.  Graduates become community leaders that are distinct in their ability to think, communicate and contribute.


Our Vision

To become known as a leading African institution of learning that produces bold Christian leaders who preach the gospel clearly and intelligently to a sick world needing socio-politico-economic and spiritual transformation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to shape, through rigorous and exciting theological studies, servant leaders who will be able to challenge society to live for Christ.


We do this by motivating a focused faculty of Christian leaders and teachers, to produce God-fearing creative thinkers through rigorous learning, academic research and spiritual formation.


Our Passion

Our passion is to see our graduates demonstrating passion for soul-winning, rightly dividing the Word of Truth and selflessly shepherding God's flock.


Core Values

Every one of us will be known as a:




Department of Human Studies


The Department of Human Studies forms part of the School of Theology and human Studies. Human Studies is an interdisciplinary field that explores human social and physical growth and development over a lifetime.  Student treat topics in life sciences, philosophy, psychology, education, economics, sociology and communication. 


Students combining theology with human studies will have the privilege of studying the bible and ministry while they examine how human adapt, learn and develop over a life span.  Some of the core courses in the theology with human studies program include are child development, data analysis, Effects of Poverty, Family theory, and Human Sexuality, financial Planning, family dynamics, Death and dying, gender politics, group dynamics, emotional health, spirituality and worldview, finances, philosophy, cultural anthropology, etc.  Such students will be prepared for leadership positions in pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, teaching, counseling, family therapy, media, and even social services agencies.


Our programs on undergraduate level are integrated with that of the other not theological disciplines.  An example is the BA in Theology with Development Management to be run in 2017.



Academic Programs in the Seminary

Undergraduate programs


Master's degrees

Two master's programs will be offered in 2017.


Career Destination

The students of the School of Theology and Human Studies are trained for:


Partnerships and Collaborations


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Office of the Dean

School of Theology and Human Sciences

Ghana Christian University College

Amrahia, Off Adenta-Dodowa Road


VOICINK: theology_ghanacu

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