Disability Resources for Students

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GhanaCU is committed to supporting all students in their academic and co-curricular endeavors. Each semester, a number of students document learning, physical, sensory, or psychiatric disabilities, which may require reasonable accommodations to ensure access to education, housing, and recreation. 

The Office of the Dean of Societies and Students Affairs administers services for students with disabilities. 

Students Welfare Officer is responsible for the implementation of the GhanaCU Disability Policy. Students who request for help are required to meet with the Students Welfare Officer to discuss how appropriate modifications may assist them in participating in campus life or courses and fulfilling course requirements and provide documentation outlining these needs. In addition, the Students Welfare Officer will discuss other types of support and services available to all GhanaCU students. 

Making accommodations for students with physical disabilities can be an involved process as this requires considerable advance notice, even a semester in advance. For instance, accommodations may include coordinating classroom locations, securing sign language interpreters, or procuring class materials in alternate formats. 

Following are examples of accommodations provided to students:

Assistive technologies available on campus include:

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