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GhanaCU’s Collegiate System
The collegiate system comprises different sub communities of the whole University called societies. 'Society' in GhanaCU is equivalent to 'Hall' in other universities. Societies are non-residential constituencies of the University to which both staff and student belong.

Society life is a big part of what makes your experience with us so unique to almost anywhere else. You will discover that our society system is one of the best aspects of University life. Ask us about living and studying in GhanaCU and our students will mention their societies. Every society has its own unique character defined by its people, social atmosphere and traditions. 

Our Community
Wherever you are coming from to study here in GhanaCU, whatever your background may be, you'll soon feel like your society is a place where you naturally belong. Every society (whether Habbakuk or Jeremiah or Nehemiah) is incredibly friendly and caring, offering a warm welcome to help you settle in and feel part of sub-community of a university. 

Every society has a diverse mix of students and staff from different academic disciplines and lecture streams (morning, evening or weekend). All socialize together in society creating a strong sense of allegiance, bonding spirit and a powerful network between students and staff. Maybe your society is where you be making make your closest friends, socialising together on an excursion, and during the 'formal' society dinners, the Parliamentary Week, and intra-society organised events. For most of you, those friendships and network formed in society will stay with you for many years after graduation and this is GhanaCU’s ultimate desire. 

Though you will have all the excitement of a larger University setting – centrally extra-curricular activities, studying and socializing, you can always return to your society where faces are familiar and you feel you belong to a smaller family.


What is a Society?
GhanaCU is a collegiate university. The Societies (equivalent to Halls in Ghanaian universities or Colleges in British and other universities), being the sub-communities or constituencies within the University body. In Ghana Christian University College (GhanaCU), community living is an essential core of our life. GhanaCU believes that in addition to enriching the curriculum, it also has to enrich students' life. This is made possible in an environment where the University Body is divided into 'Sub-Communities' called Societies. This collegiate system is a major part of the GhanaCU experience and all staff (academic and non-academic) and students are members of both the University and a Society of their choice. 

For now, the University is composed of four 'Societies' which are not teaching bodies, neither are they residential. Each Society comprises junior members (students) and senior members (academic, senior administrative and professional staff). They foster interdisciplinary contact among staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students, and provide a social network for every section of student Community. This is aimed at achieving the universities core values, especially "unity" (social, spiritual and intellectual). Without life within the Societies the benefits of University’s education will be more restricted to the acquisition of knowledge.

The University is divided into four Societies to which both staff and students belong. They are:


Choosing a Society
Apart from studying at Ghana Christian University College, one has an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a large University whilst belonging to a Society. In addition to applying to study in an academic department we encourage you to nominate a preferred Society in your application. The Society you choose will have no effect upon whether you receive an academic offer from the University. This decision is made by the academic department to which you apply.


Society membership is a lifetime affair. Annual Society Festivals bring alumni from all over the world to focus on the employability of Society members, scholarship awards, honorary awards and recognition for outstanding contributions, business incubation, University ratings, endowment fund, etc.

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