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Hi, my name is Nathan Adu-Gyamfi.  I am the Premier of GhanaCU's Students Representative Council for the 2016 -2017 academic year.


I am very grateful to be given the nod to serve as leader of the Students Union. I am excited to see where this year leads us. We will be having a homecoming for the Alumni, sporting activities, job fairs, technology exhibitions, student recruitment outreach, fundraising, floats, excursions and holiday activities, just to mention a few.


It is important for the leaders of the student government to be advocates for the rest of the citizens of the Students Union. Everyone's voice counts and so your shouts will be heard and your eloquent silence will also be taken into serious consideration. It is incumbent upon us as leaders to ensure that, not only students but also, other members of the university, including faculty, non-teaching staff and the alumni benefit from our exploits.


I look forward to an exciting year and prosperous term, filled with a lot of fun, fundraising, gathering of employability skills and a positive GhanaCU spirit. I have not the least doubt that this year will be an unforgettable one.


Nathan Adu-Gyamfi

Students' Premier, GhanaCU SRC

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