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Office of the Director of Societies & Students Affairs (DSSA)
The dean of student's office oversees a variety of services and programs relating to the students' co-curricular experience. The Office also provides advice, guidance and acts as a resource for students and student organizations. 


First Year Matters
First year students are guided through a "creative experience" program, designed to introduce students to the academic rigor and interdisciplinary thinking at Wesleyan while at the same time building a When you arrive in the fall, our Orientation Programme will help you begin your exploration of the range of academic and co-curricular opportunities available at GhanaCU community of learners among the first year class. 


Office of International Student Affairs (OISA)
The Office of International Student Affairs provides advice and counsel on every aspect of international students' adjustment to life at GhanaCU --cultural, academic, personal, financial, and immigration. The Office also organizes International Student Orientation and ongoing programs that explore life in Ghana.


Well-Being Resources

Ghana Christian University College offers a wide-range of well-being resources for its students. 


Chaplaincy & Counseling Services
The Office of Chaplaincy & Counseling Services (OCCS) exists expressly to help students to deal effectively with emotional, personal, interpersonal and situational issues, which cause unhappiness, frustration and/or disruption to their lives. We are here to help support you and the attainment of your personal and educational goals. 


University Health Services 
Health Services provides high quality healthcare and health promotion to improve students' overall health, to support their educational goals, and to develop skills for long-term healthy lifestyles. 

GCUWell is a Unit in University Health Services. The mission of this unit is to promote mindfulness and responsibility in all areas of health and wellness in order to prevent disease, injury and other health problems. 


Discrimination and Harassment at GhanaCU Policies
Ghana Christian University College is committed to fostering diversity rooted in mutual respect, generosity, and concern for others. Any form of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation that violates the University's values will not be tolerated. 


Medical Leave Policy
Policy for students requesting a medical leave. 


Office of Religious and Spiritual Life
The Chaplain from GhanaCU 's Office of Religious and Spiritual Life has been appointed by the university to ensure and promote the spiritual and religious well-being of the campus community.


Office of International Students Affairs

A warm welcome to the Office of International Student Affairs (OISA)! We provide advice and counsel on every aspect of your adjustment to life at GhanaCU--cultural, academic, personal, financial, and immigration. We organize International Student Orientation when you arrive and on-going programs on issues of special interest to international students. We offer individual advice on just about anything that concerns you. Our goal is to ease your way into Ghana's academic culture, and to help you fit in on all levels into the vibrant and challenging intellectual and social community that make GhanaCU what it is. 

In addition, OISA works closely with many other offices of the Institute to ensure that your needs are met. We have included the more relevant offices for international students below.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

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