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Welcome to the Clan Representative Council
The Student Representative Council (SRC) at the Ghana Christian University University is a body of elected students. This body is equivalent to the Student Representative Council in other universities. This Council (SRC) is the peak student leadership consultative and decision-making forum in the GhanaCU Students Clan (GSC). The SRC focuses of many different aspects of university life; from academic to social. Our programs can range from focusing on academic excellence to holding fundraising events.


The SRC:

The main role and core functions of the SRC are to:

The SRC is here to listen to your concerns and assist students wherever possible; be that in a lecture theatre or on the sports field. We would like to emphasize that every student is important to us and we would like to ensure a culture of responsible student leadership. We are convinced that University experience must happen both inside and outside the lecture hall. We hope to continue fostering a GhanaCU culture and experience, which enables all students to take full advantage of their time at Ghana Christian University University.

All students are welcome to come to any one of the SRC members for council with respect to questions or problems or advice regarding student life.



Maintaining a God-fearing environment and “can do it myself” spirit for transformational leadership and student success.



To creatively serve and represent the students of the Ghana Christian University University, by readily raising their concerns, increasing access to our diverse student community, and enhancing their potential by actively involving them in all aspects of the campus initiatives.


Can I get involved?

The SRC has diverse platforms in which the broader student population must get actively involved within their various projects and initiatives. These include academic, sport, social, culture and community engagement.


Where do I find the SRC?

The SRC office is located in the main Academic building, where the office hours can be found on the door.


Who to contact?

Feel free to contact the SRC:


Facebook: ghanacuSRC

Voicink: ghanacu_SRC


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